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What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Surrogate?

December 13, 2023

Kristin Marsoli

It may take a village to raise a child, but for surrogate moms, community support is just as important. can be part of your “village.” We provide free advocacy and support for surrogates and their loved ones, and we’re here to help you at every step of this fulfilling journey.

If the idea of gestational surrogacy moves you, and you want to become a meaningful part of someone’s family story, we can’t wait to help you get started! Learn more about our surrogacy requirements below.

What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Surrogate With

You matter to us! Our requirements follow the criteria used by IVF clinics, and they are in place to ensure your health and well-being as well as that of the baby you’ll carry.

Health Requirements

  1. Our surrogates must have a child of their own and be currently parenting at least one child.

    We need to be sure that our surrogates can get pregnant and successfully carry a pregnancy.

  2. Our surrogates must have medical records proving that their previous pregnancies and deliveries have been free from complications.

    Women who have had complications during pregnancy or labor are at a higher risk of injury or additional complications to the baby and themselves. We put the safety of our surrogates and babies above all and do not want to risk any complications.

  3. Our surrogates must be between the ages of 21 and 44.

    While there are cases of uncomplicated pregnancies outside of this age range, we adhere to the guidance set by IVF clinics. Due to fluctuating hormones and the increased health risks to you and the baby, the age limit for our surrogates is 44 years of age.

  4. In most circumstances, our surrogates must have a body mass index (BMI) of no higher than 33.

    Another requirement set by IVF clinics, this rule is established for health reasons and to ensure that you will respond to the surrogacy medications necessary for this process. You can calculate your BMI using this free online tool.

  5. Our surrogates must not use illegal drugs, smoke cigarettes, or abuse alcohol.

    To make certain that our babies are in the safest environment, we cannot accept surrogates who use drugs or alcohol. These substances can lead to complications or health risks for the surrogate or baby.

Financial and Legal Requirements

  1. Our surrogates must be U.S. citizens or green card holders and cannot reside in Nebraska, Louisiana, or Michigan. Legal residents or immigrants must be able to provide documentation that is valid for at least 2 years and hold a valid driver’s license.

    Although we work with intended parents all over the U.S. and internationally, we adhere to all legal requirements for surrogacy at the state and national levels. Certain states (Nebraska, Louisiana, and Michigan) are not surrogacy-friendly, so unfortunately, we are not able to work with individuals living in those areas.

  2. Our surrogates cannot participate in the following government aid programs: cash assistance, welfare, public housing, and Section 8. All other forms of government assistance will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    The income requirements for these programs are generally stricter than other programs, such as food stamps, WIC, and subsidized child care. Reimbursements received while you are acting as a gestational surrogate could potentially make you ineligible for certain benefits.

Social and Lifestyle Requirements

  1. Surrogates must have the support of their family. If married or partnered, the surrogate must have her partner’s support. Also, the surrogate and her partner/primary support person must agree to participate in a social work screening.

    Becoming a surrogate is an enormous decision, and it is critical to have a support system in place throughout this life-changing journey. Being a surrogate impacts all areas of life and the lives of the surrogate’s immediate family. For the journey to be successful, everyone who will be affected needs to be on board.

  2. Our surrogates need to be financially secure and must lead a stable, responsible lifestyle.

    Acting as a home for someone else’s baby is a big responsibility. To guarantee that the baby is safe and not exposed to excessive stress, we require our surrogates to show that they can provide a stable and healthy environment for themselves and the baby.

  3. Surrogates must be willing to travel for the IVF process. Please note that these trips often include overnight stays.

    Surrogates will travel to the clinic of the intended parents that they match with for their medical screening and the embryo transfer. Some surrogates may live close to the selected clinic, but if not, surrogates are required to travel, including overnight stays.

Start Your Surrogacy Journey

If you meet the requirements above and believe that surrogacy is a good fit for you, please complete our compatibility form to get started! Once you join our community, you will have access to the collective wisdom, empathy, and excitement of our amazing surrogates—including our own team members, who understand firsthand what it’s like to help someone grow their family.

Please contact us ( or 718-819-3487) if you have any questions. As your advocate and support team “village,” we are here to guide you, cheer you on, and be your shoulder to lean on. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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