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LGBTQ Surrogacy: How Surrogates Make Dreams Come True

March 26, 2024

As you get started on your surrogacy journey, you may already be thinking of the family you will help to grow. You may even know what type of intended parent you’d like to share this milestone with, whether they be single, partnered, heterosexual, or part of the LGBTQ community. In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on LGBTQ surrogacy and the incredible role you could have in their family origin story.

The Power of Gestational Surrogacy

For many members of the LGBTQ community, adoption is often seen as the main pathway for starting or growing a family. While adoption is also an incredibly meaningful journey, gestational surrogacy allows members of the LGBTQ community to share a biological connection with their future child.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) allows LGBTQ parents to create embryos using their own genetic material. As an LGTBQ surrogate, you would carry this pregnancy to term. While you won’t share any DNA with the baby, you will share in a deeply rewarding and profound experience.

Choosing LGBTQ Intended Parents

As our moms will tell you, surrogacy is a partnership and all about connection. Typically, surrogates who choose LGBTQ parents have a deep empathy and understanding of the unique challenges this community faces. Some may even identify as LGBTQ themselves!

More important than how your intended parent(s) identify, however, is their story and how well you get along. These individuals will be your partners throughout your surrogacy journey, so we encourage you to explore a meaningful connection with your prospective IPs before choosing to carry a pregnancy for them.

Time and time again, we hear from our surrogate community that they just knew when they had met the right intended parents for them. By keeping an open mind and trusting in the process, we know you’ll find your perfect partner(s) in this 12- to 18-month journey.

A Supportive and Inclusive Journey

Our surrogate moms all have families of their own and want to bring that same joy to someone else. By choosing to be a gestational surrogate for an LGBTQ individual or couple, these amazing women are contributing to greater visibility and acceptance of diverse family structures.

Just as you are fostering a supportive and inclusive environment through surrogacy, we are also here to support you. Our community is full of incredible individuals who are starting this journey in tandem with you or who have walked this same path before you.

While you will designate your Primary Support Person (PSP) to cheer you on and support you in real life, you have a thriving, vibrant online community around you that can answer your questions, empathize with your emotions, and offer guidance and encouragement when you need it.

Start Your Surrogacy Journey

The journey of helping deserving individuals grow their families through surrogacy begins by completing our pre-qualification form. This helps us determine whether surrogacy is a good fit for you and how our team can best advocate for and support you. Thank you for considering this rewarding and beautiful journey. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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