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Welcome To!

We’re so glad you’re here.

Do you want to become a surrogate mother, or are you still deciding? is proud to be a 100% surrogate-centered community made up of past, present, and future surrogates and advocates. We know every surrogacy journey is unique and we meet you wherever you’re at. So, let’s chat! And you can let us know where you want to start. 

Welcome To!

We’re so glad you’re here. is proud to be a 100% surrogate-centered community made up of past, present, and future surrogates and advocates. We know every surrogacy journey is unique and we meet you wherever you’re at. So let’s chat! And you can let us know where you want to start.

What We Do At

Whether it’s tackling the mountain of application questions, explaining your growing belly to your kiddos, navigating the ins and outs of matching, or the ups and downs of post-surrogacy life—no question is too big (or too embarrassing!), so ask away. Because, trust us, a huge part of surrogacy is about being ready to answer tons of questions, too. No matter what, we’ll be here to make sure you never lose sight of your needs, your well-being, yourself—from (way before!) day one, ’til (way after!) you stop being able to see your feet.

10 Reasons To Consider Being A Surrogate

Considering being a surrogate? You. Are. Amazing. As you learn more about surrogacy, it’s important to know that everyone comes to surrogacy for their own reasons and at their own time. We’re here to provide information and guidance to help you determine if being a surrogate is the right choice for you and your family. What reasons should you consider when it comes to becoming a surrogate? We pulled together 10 of the most common reasons experienced surrogates have shared with us that inspired them to help others.

Support from a right-for-you surrogacy agency and team

Our goal at is to support you as you find the right agency, so you’re not alone during any step in your process!

A loved one struggled with infertility or maybe was a surrogate themselves

Experienced surrogate Kristi shares, "After I watched my sister beat ovarian cancer, becoming a surrogate was the silver lining for me.”

A desire to help someone grow their family

You’re a kind and giving person, and one way you can help others is by taking a meaningful role in their family building.

Getting the opportunity to be pregnant again

For women who enjoyed being pregnant, surrogacy is twice the magic!

Leading by example with your family and community

Surrogate mamas think of surrogacy as a ripple effect of goodness.

Developing a one-of-a-kind relationship with the intended parents

Some people talk about friend soulmates, but surrogates and intended parents know just how real and deep that connection can actually go.

Supporting an LGBTQIA+ individual or couple who may not have been able to grow their family otherwise

Surrogates who match with an LGBTQIA+ parent(s) become part of their joyous path to parenthood – a milestone many thought they’d never be able to achieve.

Becoming a member of a surrogacy community

Once you’re in, you’re always supported and you can now return the favor with advice and support for new surrogates.

Personal fulfillment

“Seeing the love and adoration on my parents’ faces when they look at their beautiful daughter makes this journey more than fulfilling!"– Amber

Fair financial compensation

A surrogate experiences the best of both worlds: changing someone’s life while financially helping her own!

What is inspiring your curiosity about surrogacy? Whether you know someone personally who struggled to experience the joys of parenthood, you love being pregnant or your reasons are personal and not listed above, your decision to see if surrogacy would be a good fit for your life shows what a big heart you have.

Woman kissing smiling woman's cheek.

5 Questions You Should Ask When Thinking About Surrogacy

Being interested in surrogacy doesn’t mean you magically know what questions to ask, to whom to ask them, or what steps are involved in becoming a surrogate. No need to stress– we are experienced surrogates ourselves and we’ve got you covered.

While we don’t know your specific path, we do know the most common questions surrogates (and their family and friends) ask at the start of this journey (AKA where you are…right now!)

A smiling pregnant woman video chatting with someone at a desk
  • No. Here’s why:

    • If you become a surrogate, you’ll join the gestational surrogates (GS) club!

    • Gestational surrogates get pregnant by embryo transfer

    • An embryo transfer is coordinated by the intended parents’ IVF clinic

    But wait, now you may be asking yourself, “How’s that possible the baby is *in my belly*!?”

    This is a great question! For starters, it’s because the embryo will be created with the intended parents' egg or donor egg, and fertilized by the intended parents' sperm, or donor sperm, so you have no genetic relation.

  • Surrogates have a big big heart (you’re carrying someone else’s baby!), but that doesn’t mean you get emotionally attached to baby. Take it from experienced surrogates who all say, “You’re not giving up the baby. You’re giving the baby back to the parents after caring for it!” Think of yourself as a long-term babysitter; of course, you’ll care for the baby, but you won’t confuse caring with believing the baby is your own. 


    The pregnancy part of surrogacy is just like a personal pregnancy, but the process of becoming pregnant as a surrogate is more scientific. Surrogates have to balance IVF treatments, meeting with agency reps, and kickstarting a relationship with intended parents.

    So while surrogates typically don’t become emotionally attached and think it’s their own baby, they do care for the baby like it is their responsibility. Some surrogates also may become emotionally attached to why and for whom they are doing this in the first place and others are fulfilled by what the journey brings to their lives — a reminder that everyone’s surrogacy journey is unique to them! 

  • Yes! 

    Surrogates do have to give themselves injections as a part of the IVF process (though most say you get used to them, and the process is no big deal!). IVF (in vitro fertilization) is how a surrogate becomes pregnant. In technical terms, injections help ready your uterus for the implantation of the embryo.

    You will be on these medications for about 10-12 weeks, but don’t worry, you will be guided by a nurse, and have the support of your agency and other surrogates to get you through! We know this part isn't the most fun, but in addition to the rest of your support team, we promise we will be behind you, cheering you on and supporting you.

  • IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. As the surrogate, the IVF process includes transferring an embryo created at an IVF clinic into your body. Being a gestational surrogate, you will have no biological relationship to the baby.

  • You’ll be helping a family or individual who wants to grow their family and needs some extra support to do so. (Instant happy tears, we know!) We’re going to chat with you about your preferences and what types of intended parents you’re comfortable supporting throughout the journey. 


    Among the agencies we work with, there are hundreds of intended parents that are waiting for a match! You have the option to help intended parents who are:

    • Single

    • Coupled

    • Heterosexual

    • LGBTQIA+

    • International

    • Living in the U.S.

    • From all different backgrounds and ethnicities! 


    Our goal is to make sure you’re matched to like-minded intended parents, so we will have a thorough conversation here.

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Sticky note that says 'You can count on us to be here through every "Huh? Yikes.. and Hooray!" of your surrogacy journey. We got you.'

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